Employee Rotation And Development Program

WIRED Program

At Worthington, we’re more focused than ever on recruiting top talent and developing employees to prepare for the future. One way we’re doing that is through the Worthington Industries Rotation Experience and Development program or WIRED.

WIRED is a two-year rotational program where employees spend time working in operations, commercial, supply chain and support functions. It’s a great way to accelerate your career and gain broad exposure to the Company.

“The WIRED program has given me the opportunity to work in multiple facilities and positions across the organization, which has given me invaluable experience to help me excel in my career with Worthington.” David Payne, Transformation Manager.

WIRED graduates are regularly tapped for key positions across the Company. Their broad knowledge of the business and wide ranging relationships give them a head start in their roles. One requirement of WIRED is that participants must be willing to travel and relocate upon graduation.

“Having a WIRED candidate has been a huge benefit to our team. As a resource who’s built a strong knowledge in different areas of the business, they’ve helped provide valuable insights to drive our sales processes, work more efficiently and support impactful change.” Julia Yontz, Cylinders Commerical Operations Manager.

If you have questions about the program or how to apply, contact Sean McKinnis at sean.mckinnis@worthingtonindustries.com or Sara Beth Collins at sarabeth.collins@worthingtonindustries.com.

Looking for mentorship, networking, technical skill-building and leadership development opportunities? The WIRED program may be for you! But, don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from some of our WIRED participants and graduates.



"The opportunity to see how the company works enterprise-wide, learn functional areas and functional groups and the exposure and networking is amazing.” - Stephanie Enarusai, Business Analyst.